A. Choose pastries made of coconut flour.

 A. Choose pastries made of coconut flour.

The most painful thing about starting a diet is probably dropping a suitcase and a piece of bread. However, it is not the gel itself that will turn our stomachs into a pillow, but the powder made from it. Contains whole grains such as coconut flour, ginger powder, and yeast. Coconut flour is rich in fatty acids that are digested differently from other fats, and one of its benefits is that it reduces hunger and thirst, maintains blood glucose levels, and protects the body from fat. Accumulate. Quinoa and buckwheat flours do not contain saturated fats, which can help control bites and facilitate digestion.

B. Garlic might be smelly, it’s your waist’s best friend.

Garlic may not be an honest idea before or during a romantic meal, but it can work wonders on your waist. Numerous studies have shown that adding garlic to your diet can reduce the proportion of your stomach for a long time because it is cooked properly. However, you should not expect garlic to affect your weight or your BMI, as some belief. Its main mission is to determine your waist size.

C. Turmeric will spice up your food and help you stay in shape.

Turmeric is often found in some recipes from around the world. But this brown-orange powder has a magical effect when it comes to burning calories and helps you shrink those skinny jeans that you can not fit. Turmeric has been shown to scale down and change the waist size of people affected by excess weight. Just add it to your chicken or soup and you will get acceptance of a nutritionist.

D. Pick sauerkraut instead of raw cabbage.

Sauerkraut contains more lactobacteria than yogurt. One or two bites of this salty food every 2-3 days can help prevent many chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal system, lower blood sugar levels and help prevent weight gain. Research has shown that sauerkraut can boost your mental state and help you fight depression. It is necessary to toss fresh soy sauce without vinegar to promote all the benefits of this valuable food.

E. Eat shirataki noodles instead of pasta.

Shirataki noodles are Japanese foods that are high in fiber and water, which makes them fat-free and does not affect the diet. One of the side effects of instant noodles is to stop eating because it causes a feeling of satiety and also prevents constipation. Researchers have shown that Mizukiki reduces weight and their added effectiveness can speed up wound healing. Today, there are many dishes with shirataki noodles that will be both healthy and delicious.

F. Seitan is a tasty plant-based protein source.

Seitan can be a popular vegetable product recommended by scientists and nutritionists for its high protein content and invaluable nutritional value. Seattle can be a basic food that will be cooked in many ways: you will grill it with spices or eat it hot or cold.

G. Choose the right yogurt.

Dietitians from all over the world claim that foods containing probiotics (such as yogurt or kefir) help reduce belly fat and control weight. But recent studies have shown that certain types of bacteria added to yogurt can actually help you gain fat, not break down. Bacteria are marked as L-syphilis on sour milk bottles and this is why it is necessary to check the label when buying yogurt or kefir. It is recommended to treat Lactobacillus gasseri instead as this bacterium helps prevent constipation and acts as true progesterone for the gastrointestinal tract.

H. Ditch the “low-fat” marked products in supermarkets.

When starting a diet, the main thing we want to try is to reduce the amount of fat we eat. So the "low fat" label on food in the supermarket can look especially appealing. However, they are more dangerous than regular fatty foods since they are high in fat and modified sugars. In addition, kicking fat out of your diet can reduce belly fat, while carrot fat is effective.

I. Limit your consumption of sunflower oil.

Sunflower oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to play a huge role in adding pounds to our bodies, especially if we overeat. Nutritionists recommend maintaining an omega-6 balance by adding omega-3s to your daily diet. This balance is maintained by using vegetable oil because essential vegetable oil and sunflower oil use the least amount.

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