Why Sleeping With a Fan On It Is Not Good for You


Why Sleeping With a Fan On It Is Not Good for You

Some people can not sleep without a lover. Whether it is thanks to a hot summer night or because the sound helps them nod, the wind blowing them can be a must. But even if the fan itself is not toxic, using it in the dark can cause some complications. To help with this, Lifestyle wants to point out how your body can react when sleeping with a loved one. As a bonus, we have an easy solution for a way you would have a cool night without it.

A. It will dry out your mouth and nasal passages. 

Studies have shown that leaving a loved one can help keep sweat and moisture out of your body, causing dehydration and inflammation of the meninges and nose. If you live in a dry area, special care is required as these complications can appear very quickly. However, in general, a cup of water is quite enough to make the water you want.

B. It can make your allergies worse.

If you have allergies, sleeping with a loved one is not an honest idea. According to researchers, air can help release allergen particles, increase the probability of asthma, dry eyes, allergies, and fever.

C. It’s one of the causes of muscle cramps.

Temperatures in the dark tend to drop rapidly, and while exposure to cold is one of the causes of muscle cramps, fans can expose you to the constant cold air blowing at you. On the other hand, if you are experiencing a hot night, the wind blowing from the fan can raise your core temperature, causing heat-related illnesses such as nausea or headaches.

Bonus: Here’s what you can do instead of turning your fan on.

a. Sleep with a window open.

An easy solution for hot nights is to leave the windows open. Cool air in the morning will help keep the air cool. If you are afraid of mosquitoes, you will try to install nets or screens on your windows.

b. Put a wet towel or a bucket full of water near your bed.

To dehydrate your room, place a wet towel by your head or a bucket of water and place it near your bed on the floor. These solutions will help grow the humidity in your bedroom.

c. Turn the fan in another direction.

If you are silent without a fan, you try to turn it in the other direction. This attitude will not blow directly on you. You will also try to put it through your window so it can catch the wind from outside and help it get into space.

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