Why do Women Seem to Age Faster Than Men

Women suffer from stress more than men.

Women are more susceptible to mental breakdowns, especially if they're work-related, consistent with Dr. Judith Moring. Besides, the hormonal differences are all that explain. Hormone fluctuations are related to depression. What’s more, Seasonal major affective disorder affects women quite men. Constant stress inevitably results in early aging.

Women who’ve given birth age faster.

A study conducted at Mason University proved that pregnancy causes you to look 11 years older. The thing is, women who’ve born have shorter telomeres than those that haven't had a toddler. Your short telomere is older than you look. Besides, stress during pregnancy isn't uncommon, which also accelerates the aging process.

The levels of testosterone are different.

Estrogen is liable for a youthful female face while testosterone is typical in men. High levels of testosterone hamper aging. Although estrogen also is an anti-aging hormone, its production declines faster than that of testosterone. That’s why women are the primary ones to urge wrinkles.

Menopause takes its toll.

The loss of hormones during menopause accelerates the aging process. When women undergo menopause, their bodies stop producing the maximum amount of collagen they want to. This causes the loss of the skin’s elasticity.

Male skin is thicker.

According to dermatologists, male skin is 25% thicker than female skin. the share may vary from person to person but the overall figure remains equivalent. However, albeit there are fewer wrinkles on male faces, those that are there are deeper than the feminine ones.

Do you believe women age faster than men? does one look young for your age?

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