15 Cooking Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Dinner


15 Cooking Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Dinner

You might think that adding oil to the water while you are cooking the pasta will prevent it from sticking together. However, oil can ruin your diet. If you want to add the sauce later, the oil will prevent it from mixing well with your pasta and the result can be disappointing. We have a lifestyle that wants to make sure your dinner meets your expectations. So this is something you should not do to make sure you cook tasty food!

A. Adding oil to the water when making pasta

Some people add oil to the water when they make pasta. They do this to stop the water from boiling or to prevent the pasta from sticking together. However, adding oil may not be a good idea if you are planning to eat pasta with a sauce as the oil will make the sauce difficult to stick with the pasta.

B. Straining your pasta water and rinsing your pasta

When the pasta is ready, most of us probably just pour in the water is made. But keeping water can really add flavor to your food. And if you make pasta with a sauce, it can also help bring these two things together and make the sauce more stable. Rinsing the pasta may be the reason the sauce does not stick to it.

C. Waiting too long before stirring the pasta

It is necessary to start stirring the pasta immediately. It is likely to start sticking together from the beginning due to the powder being released.

D. Not letting the meat thaw

You should remove the meat from the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature before cooking it. Otherwise, the cold meat will cook unevenly, with the inside grilled and the outside grill.

E. Not letting the meat rest before cutting it

When you cook meat, most of the juice is in the center. Therefore, it is better to wait a while before cutting it so that the juice spreads to the corners.

F. Stirring the rice

If you do not make risotto, it is better not to stir the rice. Otherwise, it will activate the flour which will soften your rice.

G. Lifting the lid when cooking rice

If you are cooking rice in a pot, do not remove the lid to check if the rice is done. If you do so, the heat will escape and the top will not boil less than the bottom. It will also increase the ratio of water to rice and the rice will be drier.

H. Frying food in extra virgin olive oil

Extra maiden olive oil has a lower smoke point. So if you cook it at a high temperature, barbecue, for example, it will start to smell bad and emit toxic chemicals.

I. Not making sure the fish is dry

If the fish is wet on the surface and you start cooking it in the pan, it will become steam rather than search. That means there will be no gold shell at the end.

J. Sautéing wet greens

After you have washed the vegetables, make sure they are dry. Otherwise, the water will cause water vapor and the vegetables will turn sour after cooking. They will also lose their flavor.

K. Adding cold butter and cream to mashed potatoes

Adding these ingredients cold will prevent them from being properly absorbed by the flour in the potatoes. So it is better to heat the butter until it melts and cream until it starts to steam and you should add it.

L. Putting too much into one pan

When you cook for many people, it is easy to put everything in one pan. However, if there is too much food out there, you can end up with a dry dinner. The heat will be reduced and it will cause the meat to lose moisture.

M. Adding garlic too early

Garlic is roasted, so frying it first can ruin its flavor. Add it last, and you can be sure it won’t burn.

N. Not pre-heating the pan

You should hotness the pan for a few minutes before frying anything in it. Otherwise, the meat or the fish you`re making won`t be properly cooked.

O. Not pre-cooking potatoes before roasting them

If you put raw potatoes in the oven, they may burn on the outside and not fully cook on the inside. To avoid this, some need to cook potatoes in boiling water before grilling.

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